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  1. Congrats to Mission United for celebrating their 5-Year mark! We appreciate your support for veterans in our community. Your mission is inspiring. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.

    MISSION UNITED supports United States military veterans and their families as they re-acclimate to civilian life. MISSION UNITED focuses on employment services, legal assistance, education, financial services, health & housing support.

    Find out how MISSION UNITED can support you and your family. Click here: http://ow.ly/xq9T50hfj02 or calling 954.4.UNITED or email MISSIONUNITED@UnitedWayBroward.org.


  2. You should have received your April newsletter with the recaps and some upcoming events. April was a full month! We got a number of individuals with disabilities utilizing SCUBA diving as a therapeutic program. It is a great therapy as the activity provides for the increase in the production of serotonin delivered to the spine. This results in increased mobility, a lessening in pain, and elevating mood. It is really an all-in-one therapy.

    We got some great new volunteers trained and ready to go, and solidified partnerships.  We got some great momentum going! Check it out.

    If you have not subscribed to our email updates, you can see our latest newsletter here: https://conta.cc/2Fp5uwV

  3. We would really like to thank Mission United for partnering with us to submit a funding request to the Veterans Administration. With luck, this will provide several scholarships for Dive Therapy Programs for disabled veterans. 

    You can help us obtain this funding!  We are in need of letters recounting veterans personal experiences and how SCUBA Diving has helped them cope, lessened pain, etc. How has it affected you? If you are a spouse of a veteran and SCUBA Diving has helped your husband or wife, please share this too. We need your personal stories to help explain why this is such a great therapy program.

    If you have a story to share, please email Serena Barghahn at serena@adaptivescubaprograms.org.  We thank you for your time in helping us expand this program. Remember, Mission United has many resources to help veterans. If you are struggling with anything, contact them. There is likely help available for you. 
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