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National Parks Conservation Association expanded its audience to include young military veterans and their families. A new partnership with AQUANAUTS ADAPTIVE AQUATICS will focus on monitoring and raising awareness of Biscayne National Park 's Maritime Heritage Trail through engagement activities with disabled veterans and civilian divers who will work with the National Park Service on the only submerged archaeological trail in the National Park system. In addition to work on this submerged trail, NPCA is training these divers to provide marine data that will inform baseline data for the park's Marine Reserve Zone. These divers will then provide student divers underwater tours of the Maritime Heritage Trail. Biscayne National Park has a museum, port, and seasonal trolley and ferry. Biscayne Maritime Heritage Trail has many shipwrecks to dive and research, several with historical plaques commemorating the sites. Come join AQUANAUTS to explore our local National Parks.

Biscayne National Park is the largest marine park in the National Park System and home to the Maritime Heritage Trail, the only submerged archeological trail in the NPS. This trail offers an exciting opportunity to explore the remains of some of the park's many shipwrecks. Six wrecks, spanning nearly a century and a wide variety of sizes and vessel types, have been mapped, brochures have been produced and mooring buoys have been installed. The newest addition to the trail is the Fowey Rocks Lighthouse. Snorkeling is great around the base of the light, but the structure itself is not open to the public.

Access to the sites on the trail is by boat only. Erl King, Alicia and Lugano are best suited to SCUBA divers, while the other sites can easily be enjoyed while snorkeling. Mandalay in particular offers an unparalleled opportunity for snorkelers to experience a shipwreck in a beautiful natural setting.

This program is made possible by NPCA, America’s voice for national parks since 1919, whose mission is to protect and enhance the National Park System for current and future generations.
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