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SPONSOR A VETERAN PROGRAMSPONSOR A VETERAN PROGRAMMoving from the tight knit and structured world of the Armed Forces to the confused jumble called civilian life can be overwhelming. With no competent reintegration program in place, many Veterans feel a sense of loss or isolation in being removed from their brothers and sisters in uniform. Some experience the loss of a sense of purpose within their community. Through the ADAPTIVE SCUBA PROGRAMS, this can change. They find camaraderie through training to be a volunteer, and then a sense of purpose in assisting with the program. In aiding those who were disabled in service as well as others with disabilities from within their community, they are provided with a new and exciting way to serve. As attested by all of our current volunteers working with the program, it is an extremely rewarding experience.
DIVING INCLUSION PROGRAM (D.I.P.)DIVING INCLUSION PROGRAM (D.I.P.)Through ADAPTIVE SCUBA PROGRAMS people living with disabilities are given the opportunity to experience SCUBA Diving. When someone has a physical or cognitive impairment there are many cases where their social interaction or physical activity options are limited. There are many such instances where the social interaction becomes the trip to their physician or rehabilitation facility. This can lead to depression, withdrawal, and for some, thoughts of suicide. Ideally, we would have the capability at every recreational facility to make the sports and social activities available; however, there is special training needed to accommodate many of these impairments. As a result, just making it happen on their own is not feasible. The Diving Inclusion Program allows for Discover SCUBA Diving sessions in pool facilities and/or the ocean. Interacting with other divers and our volunteers provides the much needed social interaction and enriches the life of every participant, volunteers included. We also provide qualified volunteers to assist with these events. These can be coordinated for anybody age 10 or older.
DIVE THERAPYDIVE THERAPYWith this program, a person living with disability makes diving an extension of their rehabilitation program. This provides for diving once or twice a month (depending on the physician's authorization) to help promote exercise of the whole body and serenity for the mind. Some health insurance plans may cover or supplement this program. For more details check out: www.AdaptiveScubaPrograms.org/DiveTherapyProgram-NewDiver www.AdaptiveScubaPrograms.org/DiveTherapyProgram-CertifiedDiver
THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICETHANKS FOR YOUR SERVICEWe periodically hold dive events that allow Veterans to come out for a free dive to thank them for their service to our country. This is completely free to United States Military Veterans. We can never thank them enough for their patriotism and sacrifice, but that doesn't mean we won't try!
Dive Therapy ProgramDive Therapy ProgramAny method of rehabilitation is not effective if you cannot do it continuously. The Dive Therapy Program allows for you to schedule regular activities to make the most out of your Diving Therapy. Based on your availability and comfort level, you can schedule dives from every other month, once a month, twice a month, etc. Choose New Diver if you are not currently SCUBA Certified and Certified Diver if you are already SCUBA Certified. 
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