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At this very moment, specially trained HANDICAPPED SCUBA ASSOCIATION instructors are training and certifying people with disabilities all over the world.
You are invited to join this elite group of dedicated Instructors and Buddy Divers!!

The Buddy Disability Training Course has been taught to dive professionals all over the world from Australia to China and all over the United States and Carribbean.


The HSA course for instructors & buddies is very unique and has compiled the best practices that exist in the field of disabled dive training from organizations both in and out of the dive industry…..like the Handicapped Scuba Association, SDI’s “Scubility” program, PADI distinctive specialty & more.

In just five action-packed days, you will learn about a variety of disabilities, what accessibility means as well as go thru empathy training so you will know what it is like to dive with a disability.  During a full day of lecture you will be introduced to over 14 types of disabilities, HSA training procedures and multilevel certification, special considerations for classroom and in-water training, equipment and accessibility. During a full day of confined water training, you will dive as a paraplegic with your legs tied together.  You'll wear a blacked out mask so you can relate to diving blind, and be put into typically problematic training scenarios to experience what divers with impairments will experience.


As a SCUBA Instructor, you teach your students to do what you do.  If you haven't experienced what they will experience, you do not have the tools to teach them.  This training will give you the tools.  Student logistics can change significantly when disabilities are introduced into your tried-and-true training procedures.  The half-day open water training will prepare you to be flexible when you are conducting open water training and dive planning.

Even if you are not yet qualified as a volunteer diver, you can help!
Every effort is appreciated. Here are some ways that you can help make the program a success...
  • Get the word out.  Share our website with you friends, on facebook and twitter, subscribe to our newsletter (print and/or email) and share that with your friends and colleagues.  Do they let you place information in the waiting room at work, or at your doctors office?  Place information about our organization there.
  • Help raise money for programming.  Does your company encourage community involvement or favor charities suggested by their employees?  Tell them about us.  (Your company will receive advertising space for sponsoring a program.  Show them the "Sponsor Us" page on our website.) Donate Direct or on other sites like GoFundMe
  • Find participants.  Do you work at a hospital or clinic?  Are you a physical therapist?  Would any of your patients/customers benefit from participating in this program?  If so, contact us, and we will place them on a list to call when we have a program coming up that is suited to these individuals.


Volunteers are the Lifeblood oAQUANAUTS - ADAPTIVE SCUBA PROGRAMS...

Many caring individuals, with a multitude of talents, have already exercised their skills to benefit the disabled community through AQUANAUTS - ADAPTIVE SCUBA PROGRAMS.

As a AQUANAUTS volunteer you can unleash your creativity and lend your support in a variety of ways.  Here are just a few examples of how you can become a friend oAQUANAUTS - ADAPTIVE SCUBA PROGRAMS.


A variety of businesses already support AQUANAUTS through direct financial, product and/or service donations.

Carry & Display AQUANAUTS - ADAPTIVE SCUBA PROGRAMS merchandise:
Diveshops, Retailers and other businesses can agree to display and resell AQUANAUTS trademarked merchandise, with all proceeds benefiting the AQUANAUTS Foundation.

Event Volunteers:
Help out at Fundraisers, outings and other events and activities.

SCUBA Diving Instructors: 
Get HSA certified to teach students with disabilities.

can also lend their support through leveraging of resources & personal skills as well as financial support & getting the word out about AQUANAUTS through publicity & word of mouth. Become a friend of AQUANAUTS today!

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