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  1. A ripple begins when something strikes the surface of the water. Your donation makes a ripple in the surface of someone's life. You may never know the depth of the difference you made, but you will know that you made a difference.

    Please join us to show how that ripple can spread to positively affect the lives of veterans and individuals with disabilities. 

    1) Donate $1.00. (If you can do more, it is greatly appreciated.)
    2) This is just as important. Tag or invite at least 5 of your social network (whether Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc) to do the same. That will start a ripple and let's see how far it will go.
    3)Comment. Your thoughts on this challenge/mission/anything with your city and state listed.

    This challenge is raising money for Aquanauts Adaptive Aquatics and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $1 or $500. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support. If you, like us, are inspired by the healing power of water, check out our website (www.AdaptiveScubaPrograms.org) to see the benefits of becoming a sustaining member of the Aquanauts Society.

    Donate and share at this link! https://www.facebook.com/donate/729579787443387/

  2. FREE Discover SCUBA Experience for Veterans and Individuals with disabilities coming up in March. It is posted for Veterans Park Pool in Tamarac, but due to delays by their approval department, it may be moved to Houston/Sworn Aquatic Center (event pages and anyone has registered will be notified prior if that happens).

    While it is FREE for Veterans and Individuals with disabilities, if you are a participant and would like your family or friends to join you in the activity, they  can do so at a discounted rate of $45 (normally $100) per person.

    All of these activities will be posted as they are scheduled on our Eventbrite page.

    March Event Ticket Linkhttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/discover-scuba-experience-for-veterans-and-individuals-with-disabilities-tickets-52995469877
    Adaptive SCUBA Programs General Eventbrite Linkhttps://adaptivescubaprograms.eventbrite.com 

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