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ProductDiscover SCUBA Experience
Discover SCUBA Experience
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Experience breathing underwater for the first time! Weightless underwater like an Astronaut in outerspace! Orientation to SCUBA in the swimming pool for ALL ages. Complete a Discover SCUBA Experience and feel the "Empowering Spirit of Freedom" diving offers. Dive with other HSA Volunteers to join us in Exploring the "Aquatic World".

*ALL Proceeds go Directly to Disable Diver Activities, Functions, and Events of South Florida.
*Please inquire about Grant Sponsorship to offset course fees.

Divers Interact by "Adapting Aquatic Diving Abilities".

The HSA Discover SCUBA program lets you experience the thrill of diving under the supervision of a HSA Professional within the comforts of our calm, tranquil, heated pool environment. During your adventure, you’ll master some basic concepts and SCUBA skills.

This is NOT a certification course, but may be credited towards the next program. This is a one-hour lesson for people who would like to try SCUBA and see if they like it as either a one-time experience or as the possible first step to getting SCUBA certified.

Your lesson will begin with a short Discover SCUBA video or flip chart briefing. Next you’ll enter the water for a sensational “Aquatic Adventure” blowing bubbles with SCUBA! The only things you need to provide are the smiles!

SCUBA Diving will change your LIFE!

Entry Requirements: N/A – NO Pre-training Required
Minimum Age: 10 yrs. or Older
Certification: DSD Completion Form Fee $5.00 Included
Academic Topics & Skills Hours: Total Clock Hours: 01:00 hrs
Discover SCUBA Briefing 00:15 hrs
Equipment Orientation 00:05 hrs
Breathing Techniques 00:05 hrs
SCUBA Skills 00:05 hrs
Underwater Exploration 00:30 hrs
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